My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.

Maya Angelou

I grew up in Herne Bay, at the coast in Kent and I miss the sea!

I’m vegetarian and have been since I was 18, I love food – as natural as possible, but I adore cheese and red wine!

I have a dog – Towan – a golden retriever and he is the light of my life (don’t tell my husband or daughter!)

I visit the Greek island of Kefalonia ….a lot! I love the sun and the beach and a good book

After 15 years of Tai Chi practice I have recently taken up yoga. I find it challenging but relaxing.

I love The Rolling Stones, JK Rowling and ballet!

My Journey to homeopathy


I knew I wanted to work with health from the age of 5! I was the child that rushed to help others who fell over in the playground at school. That desire to help has never waned.

I trained as a registered general nurse at St Mary’s Hospital, London and as a staff nurse working in neurology.

I went to Liverpool to train as a midwife in the busy Maternity Hospital and saw many cutting edge advances in obstetrics, but natural childbirth was more my field. I was lucky enough to work at the West London Hospital in Hammersmith which was the bastion of natural childbirth with team midwifery, pool deliveries and a high breastfeeding rate.

It was whilst working there that I first became intrigued by homeopathy. It was accepted alongside conventional medicine and seemed effective for those who used it. So I used it myself! First for hay fever and then later during my own pregnancy.

When my daughter was 9 months old, I went to a weekend workshop on Homeopathy for First Aid so that I could feel competent in helping her with everyday health issues. I found it really boosted my confidence in my motherhood and she thrived.

I graduated as a homeopath in 1999 and have built a thriving practice in Chesham.

A thriving practice in Chesham


Since 2011 have been part of a multi-disciplinary complimentary practice in Chesham, Lacey’s Yard. I love working holistically with all ages of individuals but naturally have a particular interest in pregnancy. I have also undertaken extra training in the use of Alaskan Essences.

Vice Principal at the Southern College of Homeopathy


I am vice principal at the Southern College of Homeopathy with the specific responsibility for the Anatomy and Physiology lectures but I also love to teach materia medica – the remedies used in homeopathy. Getting to understand the essence of the remedy can be really helpful in selecting the one that will work holistically for a client. For example the flower Pulsatilla Nigricans likes to grow in sandy well draining soil, it doesn’t thrive if its roots are damp. As a remedy Pulsatilla can be very helpful for people whose complaints come on after getting wet feet! I love that!

Lecturer in the UK and Iceland


I have several years of experience lecturing in the UK, at colleges and at the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths conference in 2014 and last year was lucky enough to be asked to teach in Iceland. That was such a wonderful experience and I have been back again!


Writer for the Journal ‘Homeopathy in Practice’

I take a keen interest in the profession of homeopathy and am part of the editorial team for the journal Homeopathy In Practice. I have written a few articles and organise the book reviews, which helps me stay up to date with new trends and developments.

I am registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and abide by their Code of Conduct.




Registered General Nurse – St Mary’s Hospital, London
Registered Midwife – Liverpool Maternity Hospital
Advanced Diploma in Midwifery – Royal College of Midwives, London
Certificate in the teaching of Adult Education – City and Guilds, London
Licentiate of College of Homeopathy, London
Alaskan Essence Practitioner Course – Hampshire

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