Homeopathy in Chesham

Hi I’m Jo and I’m a registered homeopath. I am lucky enough to live and work in Chesham, surrounded by the beautiful countryside of the Chilterns.

I am passionate about feeling happy and healthy and having balance in life. Health and wellness are so important in making us feel good about ourselves and others.


My aim is to work with you to reach the vitality you need for life.


I have worked in the business of health all my adult life – first as a nurse, then as a midwife and since 1999 as a homeopath. During that time the pace of life has escalated and taking time to look after ourselves has become more and more difficult.


I also believe simple and natural approaches to health are best.


That’s what originally attracted me to homeopathy. And I saw such great results when I was working as a midwife, so I tried it for myself, my family, my friends!


Homeopath Jo Ketteman talks about what it is like to be a homeopath and run a homeopathic practice.
This video was made by the ARC, Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (https://www.a-r-h.org/), to educate people on what to expect from a career in homeopathy.

How can I help you?

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Time to look after yourself isnt selfish. A favourite quotes is “that you can’t drink from a well that’s dry!”
Next week I am taking some of my own medicine by joining a couple of online classes being hosted by @maggiemonkdance There’s yoga & mindfulness
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